CIP Environment designs, manufactures and installs full turnkey sets of equipment for industries that require processing of emissions.

CIP Environment, with its team of engineers possessing full knowledge of the factors relating to physics, chemistry and mechanics associated with purification of emissions, provides comprehensive solutions, thereby satisfying the requirements of clients. We provide made-to-measure installations that meet all safety requirements and comply with the evolution of environmental regulations.

Depending on the specific characteristics of your process and the pollutants that need to be processed (acid compounds, dioxins and furans, heavy metals, nitrogen and ammonium oxides, dusts and salts), we provide you with a wide range of processing solutions:

  •    High-performance cyclones
  •    Dust removal bag filters
  •    Process bag filters
  •    Dry desulphurisation systems (DeSOX)
  •    DeNox SCR units
  •    DeNox SNCR units
  •    Urea/ammonia dosage and storage systems


Our teams are also able to meet your requirements in related fields such as

  •    Energy recovery systems
  •    Pneumatic transportation
  •    Dust removal 

Bag filters

  •   Specific designs for heavy industry,
  •    Integration into the process line,
  •    Hot and corrosive gas applications

Dust removal

Turnkey installations


  • Cement plant: Crushers, dynamic separators, ovens, clinker coolers,
  • Construction materials,
  • Fertiliser

Emissions processing

Complete installations encompassing neutralisation of pollutants, transport and storage of residues.

Dry process lines or using lime or sodium bicarbonate


  •  Waste incineration
  •  Biomass-fired boilers
  •  Glass factories


16 years

Number of filters


Number of bag filters


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