Equipment for rail maintenance workshops

Specialising in design and manufacture of secure equipment for rolling stock maintenance workshops, SP2I has based the excellent reputation of its products on their high safety performance, their quality, their ergonomics and their high level of reliability


We provide you with efficient and customised solutions for:


   Electrification of workshops using fixed or retractable catenaries.

   Servo systems for an interface between bridge crane / trestle hoist / fume extractor / aerial work platforms…

    Fixed roof or door access platforms for trains.

   Gap fillers integrated into the framework with access security.


Our international commercial network, our sense of commitment and, above all, the quality of our equipment, manufactured for the most part using advanced 3D design tools, allow us to achieve maximum fulfilment of use criteria, helping us achieve high levels of client satisfaction.

Retractable Catenary

The rigid retractable catenary system has been specially designed for rail rolling stock maintenance centres in order to provide electrification of the workshop tracks 

Access Platform

SP2I specialises in design and manufacture of all-inclusive platforms, i.e. framework, guard rails, ladders, stairways and gap fillers

Automated safety system

All apparatus combined with SP2I equipment form together a complex whole within which all actions must be closely monitored in order to avoid any risks of damage to material or accidents involving people.

Additional equipment

SP2I is always ready to listen to its clients and is therefore able to provide equipment on demand, such as lifting platforms, telescopic posts for catenaries, Stop indicators, train access trolleys, stepladders...